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Company Translations has been providing translations for the business market and government institutions for more than 20 years. We translate and interpret for more than 300 satisfied clients. Our clients come mainly from large industry, government and business services. From legal to technical and from commercial to ICT, all translations are exclusively provided by native speakers. Native speakers have the target language as their native language. Company Translations takes care of all languages worldwide. We take care of you and translate your texts professionally. In addition to translation work, we also supply many interpreters and interpreting equipment for your meetings. Greek, Turkish, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, English, French or German, the language you need, we deliver.

Who We Are

Translation Company The Company Translations has worldwide partnerships with translators for the professional translation of all your business texts. All translators are HBO or University graduates and have extensive experience. Knowledge, craftsmanship and extremely competitive rates are synonymous with our organization. We know which translator must be used to translate your text professionally. After all, a legal text must go to an entirely different translator than one Technical text. Our know-how then ensures the quality you aim for. With every assignment, the right translator is sought that matches the technical jargon of your text. Your translation is in good hands with us.

The distinctive character of
translation agency
The Company Translations:

  • Works with more than 300 (native) skilled translators worldwide
  • All translators are HBO / University trained with extensive work experience
  • Translation from and into all languages ​​worldwide
  • Very competitive rates
  • Annual contracts
  • Correct match between text and translator
  • Already 20 years of experience
  • Very customizable flexible attitude
  • High quality requirements
  • Special offers
  • Specialization in interpreting work
  • Personal acquaintance is possible
  • Fresh, smooth method
  • Text production / Correction
  • DTP / Formatting
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