Specialist Services

Specialist Services

As a specialist translation bureau we have extensive translation experience within a large number of fields and different branches.
For example, Company Translations has to regularly translate documents, for example from and into English, French, Italian and Spanish. But also other common languages. To translate a document, specialist knowledge is required in many cases. In addition, it should be taken into account that there are many recurring words or phrases in the document.
It is very important that the same translation is always used for these terms.

An Experienced Dutch Translation Bureau

Do you want a text translated by experienced professionals? Company Translations processes all translations for you in a professional manner.

As a translation bureau, Company Translations delivers professional and excellent translation work. At a very competitive price. Almost all translators, domestically and internationally, are academically or university trained and have extensive experience as translators.

Procedure of Translating

Company Translations is a translation bureau that cooperates with a team of more than 300 professional translators. This makes it possible to have each translation processed by a native speaker who specialises in a specific discipline.

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