A sworn translation is a translation that has been made valid and certified by a sworn translator. A sworn translator has been sworn in by a court for a certain language combination. The translator authenticates the translation by confirming it inextricably to the original, declaring that the translation is correct and complete and providing this statement with a signature and stamp. As a translation agency, we provide companies with sworn translations. Our sworn translators have extensive experience with translating documents within different fields. In addition, we provide translations to almost all languages ​​with excellent quality and responsiveness.
When is a sworn translation needed?
A sworn translation is almost exclusively required for legal reasons. If in doubt, we advise the party who requests the translation to verify whether such a translation is actually necessary.
To perform the translation we need a copy of the original document, because the translation is attached to a copy of the original document.

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As a translation bureau, Company Translations delivers professional and excellent translation work. At a very competitive price. Almost all translators, domestically and internationally, are academically or university trained and have extensive experience as translators.

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Company Translations is a translation bureau that cooperates with a team of more than 300 professional translators. This makes it possible to have each translation processed by a native speaker who specialises in a specific discipline.

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