Company Translations has extensive experience in translating for technical companies. We are the regular translation partner for organizations that are active in, for example, the electrotechnical industry and the maritime sector. These companies choose us as a permanent technical translation agency because of the correct translations and the fulfillment of agreements. For many of our customers, consistent application of technical jargon is very important. Our translators can best translate the text with the right tone and maintain the technical content.

An Experienced Dutch Translation Bureau

Do you want a text translated by experienced professionals? Company Translations processes all translations for you in a professional manner.

As a translation bureau, Company Translations delivers professional and excellent translation work. At a very competitive price. Almost all translators, domestically and internationally, are academically or university trained and have extensive experience as translators.

Procedure of Translating

Company Translations is a translation bureau that cooperates with a team of more than 300 professional translators. This makes it possible to have each translation processed by a native speaker who specialises in a specific discipline.

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